A linux command line music player using xmms plugins

© 2002-2006 Robert Muth (GNU General Public License, Version 2, June 1991)


Musicus is a component of the Cjukebox music management system. It is a command line tool that uses xmms pluggins for playing back music without requiring that X11 is running. Musicus can be either used in batch mode or in an interactive mode In batch mode the files given on the commandline will played. In interactive mode the user can type in commands to start and stop songs, inquiring about song length, (id3) tags, etc.. Typically the user will be another piece of software effectivly remote controlling Musicus. While Musicus itself is written in C++, bindings exist to use it with perl and python (a simple python driver,, is included).



Tarball (Version 1.14)


Cjukebox, a text mode jukebox program using Musicus written in Python

Perl POE-Component for controlling Musicus


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