Winzig Tips And Tricks


Location of Config and Database Files

By default Winzig looks for config and database files in the directoy 'Data' relative to the current directory. This can be changed to by setting the environment variable WINZIG_DATA_PATH', e.g. (for sh shells):
export  WINZIG_DATA_PATH=~/MyData/
On the Nokia n800 this path is hardcode to '/home/user/.winzig'. If you rather keep your data on a removal sd card, just say:
mv /home/user/.winzig /media/mmc1
ln -s /media/mmc1/.winzig /home/user/

Changing Configs

All edits to the configuration should be made in '' which will overwrite the global setting in ''


This section primarly describes how to keep serveral version of Winzig, say the one on your Desktop and the one on your Nokia n800 synchronized.

Avoiding Syncing using an SD card

This is punting on the sychronization issue by using a single flash card on both the Desktop and PDA (see above for how to change the Data PATH on the n800).

Syncing using rsync


Syncing using svn and ssh

TODO: This requires that you Data files are under version control, e.g. svn, possibly on a remote repository. Syncing essentially becomes a 3 step process: Winzig's Exec module run these command triggered by a button click.

Exporting vcards to a cellphone via bluetooth

Using the enclosed tool all the contact information can be dumped into .vcf file using "hcitool scan". Note: no pairing is necessary for this.
./  -f Data/contacts.db -p "./vcard%03d.vcf"
These cards can then be beamed to a bluetooth phone using:
gnome-obex-send -d AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF *.vcf
Where AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF is your phones blue tooth address, which can be determined using


Updating geo coding info of your address book

winzig comes with a simple python application '' which updates the Geo Home/Office fields based on the Addr Home/Office fields. Sample invocation
./ -f contacts.db -k YOUR-KEY -m update_geo

Generating a Maemo mapper poi.db file from your address book

First ensure that you address bock contains geo code (c.f.previous item). Then run:
  ./ -f contacts.db -m dump_sql | sqlite3 poi.db

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