Robert Muth: Publications

Refactoring Large Functions
Adapting software fault isolation to contemporary CPU architectures
David Sehr, Robert Muth, Cliff Biffle, Victor Khimenko,
Egor Pasko, Karl Schimpf, Bennet Yee, Brad Chen USENIX Security'10
Native Client: A sandbox for portable, untrusted x86 native code
Bennet Yee, David Sehr, Gregory Dardyk, J. Bradley Chen, Robert Muth, Tavis Ormandy, Shiki Okasaka, Neha Narula, Nicholas Fullagar SOSP 2009
Pin: building customized program analysis tools with dynamic instrumentation
Chi-Keung Luk, Robert Muth, Harish Patil, Robert Cohn, P. Geoffrey Lowney, Steven Wallace, Vijay Janapa Reddi,Kim Hazelwood
PLDI 2005: 190-200
Ispike: A Post-link Optimizer for the Intel™ Itanium™ Architecture
Chi-Keung Luk, Robert Muth, Harish Patil, Robert Cohn, P. Geoffrey Lowney
CGO 2004: 15-26
Profile-guided Post-link Stride Prefetching
Chi-Keung Luk, Robert Muth, Harish Patil, Richard Weiss, P. Geoffrey Lowney, Robert Cohn
ICS 2002: 167-178
Kernel Optimizations and Prefetch with the Spike Executable Optimizer
Richard Flower, Chi-Keung Luk, Robert Muth, Harish Patil, John Shakshober, Robert Cohn, Geoffrey Lowney
FDDO-4 2001
Alto: A Link-time Optimizer for the Compaq Alpha
Robert Muth, Saumya K. Debray, Scott A. Watterson, Koenraad De Bosschere
Software - Practice and Experience 31(1): 67-101 (2001)
On the Complexity of Flow-Sensitive Dataflow Analyses
Robert Muth, Saumya K. Debray
POPL 2000: 67-80
Code Specialization Based on Value Profiles
Robert Muth, Scott A. Watterson, Saumya K. Debray
SAS 2000: 340-359
Compiler Techniques for Code Compaction
Saumya K. Debray, William S. Evans, Robert Muth, Bjorn De Sutter
TOPLAS 22(2): 378-415 (2000)
[Preliminary version appeared in WCSSS-99, May 1999]
Link-Time Improvement of Scheme Programs
Saumya K. Debray, Robert Muth, Scott A. Watterson
CC 1999: 76-90
ALTO: A Platform for Object Code Modificiation
Robert Muth
Ph.D. Thesis , Computer Science Department, The Univerity of Arizona
Compressing Differences of Executable Code
Benda S. Baker, Udi Manber, and Robert Muth
Alias Analysis of Executable Code
Saumya K. Debray, Robert Muth, Matthew Weippert
POPL 1998: 12-24
On the Complexity of Function Pointer May-Alias Analysis
Robert Muth, Saumya K. Debray
TAPSOFT 1997: 381-392
Approximate Multiple Strings Search
Robert Muth, Udi Manber
CPM 1996: 75-86
Two New 1-1-Correspondences on Trees
Robert Muth
Diplom Thesis, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Univeristät, Frankfurt
[revised and translated]
Register Liveness Analysis
Robert Muth
Conjugation of Spanish Verbs
Robert Muth
Abstract Algebra Factbook
Robert Muth